Friday, June 09, 2006

I'm so Happy weee....

I ordered HBO today. Now I can watch fancy TV . and, AND IT's Pay Day Again so that's good, AND AND I don't have to work after work. It's a good day. for me anyway, I guess. "Why do you come here, when you know it makes things hard for me , when you know, Oh why do you come" I want to cover that song.

I worked a Prom last night. Weird, but painless - for me anyway. Lots of kids coming up to us and making requests. Off course we were not the DJ's but the closest thing so... I got to get an idea of what the kids are into these days at least the nerdy preppie rich Westchester kids that went to there Prom. Let's see : Brittany Spears, The Grease soundtrack, sixties music - any, that snap ATL song (which I liked, I wish I knew who it was ) sssnap Lean Back, Lean Back. . .


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