Wednesday, March 15, 2006

NY to SD

Oh God...I worked 18 HR days - 6:30 to 12:30, the last three days before our exciting trip to SD . So yeah packing was a bit of a last minute thing.
I Figured out that you can order a car off the Internet from the place that has the 777 777 7777 phone number. So nice, who wants to try and flag down a cab at 4 in the morning while lugging bags.
Sooo happy to find out the flight out was very, not crowded, and we got a row to our selves.
especially since I was so fried from working I decided to forgo the sleep and stay up drinking wine and packing my meager bags.

Yes, I was a wee bit haggard by the time we where on our way and over the Midwest somewhere.
I must point out the lack of TV in the seat back in front of me. Maybe there's a button somewhere and it will pop put all James Bondish.
Nope.... No such luck. This flight was fifty bucks cheaper than jet blue and kind of at a better time. But with no personal TV and no blue chips or snacks (snacks are 4 dollars, a sandwich is 5 times are tuff I guess) was it worth it ?
I don't know at least we got a row to ourselves. Somehow I managed to get a couple of hours of sleep and some quality time getting to know the earth from 30,000 feet.

And the quintessential wing shots :


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