Monday, February 27, 2006

Control Room 4A

Control rooms are like little club houses for tech's.I don't usually don't hang out in them to much since I'm stuck at a desk most of the time.
Not bad accommodations in here. That little monitor has cable, and of course there's a couple of DVD players and internet. I did snoop around a little and in one of the rack drawers there was a stash of sodas and snacks
After the meeting started. I went up to the 27th floor to take a look at the pent house next door. I want one of these. I think I need to get on the other side of the control room first.
I mean like doing somethin important where meetings are required and meetings with investors and bankers etc.... or not.

A Day Last Week

Here's a day last week. After Work #1 I walked up to 36th & 6th to do work #2 at Gotham Hall.

These are some of the nice Buildings I walked by on the way.

Near 25th & 5th

Gotham Hall Home of the worlds most expensive mitzvahs and weddings.

Nice Rack Huh...

Amp world where wireless receivers also live happily alongside stage box and Comms.

All we need now is some shmuzers.
Oh here they are. I was told there were protesters outside and I got all excited. This event was for Latin journalist Scholarship foundation. Apparently they are sponsored by a bunch of big multi-national corps. The protesters (which there were only two of by the way) said the journalists, whose educations were sponsored by these giant corporations were not reporting on atrocities committed by the evil ones in small Latin American countries.What's kind of interesting is the Key Note Speaker for this event was Some ACLU Director.Fancy Stairs Vs the stairs I use.With everyone happy downstairs I went on a mission to the mezzanine. Had to run a super long power cable. It's the one on the far left.
Here's the cute little mackie for upstairs. 16x4
They had the "after party" on the mez. These Latin journalist are apparently known for there parties and wild partying ways. They had a pretty cool Latin band made up of mostly old Cubans.
This keyboard player guy was very pushy and completely surprised that the band is not catered to and it is exactly the opposite actually - the band caters to the client.
He didn't like the way things were set- up.
At first I thought he was the band leader and I tried to placate him then I found out the old bass player was the leader so I kind of ignored him a bit and he became really cool.
Four trombones, Bass, keys, Percussion, Guitar, Congos.
I was stuck in this elevator for five minutes. Luckily there was a Mexican girl stuck in there with me and she had crazy lungs and screamed us out.

Two am and it's time to go home. See ya next time, nighty night Gotham Hall.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

That one building

That one building
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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Touch the pannel...

Monday, February 13, 2006

It Got Snowy

So yeah, snow finally happened. I think this was looking out the front window.
I did go outside though. It was big fun.
The streets were so quiet. It is seriously a beautiful thing early in the morning before anyone has gotten out and everything is white.
The worst part of the weekend - no internet. Something, somewhere was busted and our whole neighborhood was S.O.L.
I finally get to where my duck boots !

Rauschenberg - No Pictures Please

No foto's aloud in the exibit, but here's some Rodin.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Punjabi Dine and Dash

finely went to the Punjabi place on first and first.
Super cheap and actually pretty good too. It was like 2 dollars each.
But I kinda ruined mine by putting way too much of that green hot sauce on it - very spicy.
It's the only restaurants I've been too that sells motor oil and transmission fluid.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


American Idol / State of the Union... Hmmm.

Went to fancy nolita restaurant "Public" over the weekend.
Got some fancy matches.I'm so over this week.

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