Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Friday night had dinner at some place on , I think 4th st., and A or something like that.
I wish I remembered the name of the place it was perfect after trying for an hour to figure out where Emme wanted to go and two try's at other places with super long waits. Eating out in the east village on Friday night is not easy unless you are prepared to wait.
We went to a couple of places, got discouraged went back home , almost ordered in and then decided to call this place first and see if there would be a chance. The guy said we have no wait and open tables now.
So we went over and it was true. Kind of a hippy peace loveand tofu type of place but we got a bottle of wine that helped. the food was nourishing and loving uhm like the universe came together and created the perfect temphe ruben.
Sarah and Noel Came over and shared some chocolate until I sprinkled my finger crumbs over it and then no one wanted any more. (still in my fridge)
Emme got tierd early and fell aslpeep while we listened to Death Metal and then called it a night. Noel and Brandon Have fun in SD.


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